CDU election program 2017: more child support, more jobs and less solos

CDU election program 2017: more child support, more jobs and less solos News always well informed


Monday, the 03.07.17, written by Juliane Wellisch

The CDU / CSU today presented the 2017 election program for the next legislative period. While Angela Merkel adheres to the current pension concept until 2030, she expresses, among other things, plans to achieve full employment in Germany by 2025. In addition, the child allowance and the child benefit will be increased and families will be supported more in house building.



CDU Wahlprogramm: Vollbeschäftigung, Geld für Kinder und weniger Soli
CDU election program 2017: Families with children should be bettered

Angela Merkel (CDU) and Horst Seehofer (CSU) today presented the joint election program of the Union in Berlin. In addition to comprehensive infrastructure measures, the promotion of digitization and a law on the migration of skilled workers, the electoral program includes a halving of the current unemployment rate until 2025, among other things. Also, improvements in the child allowance and child benefit as well as the introduction of a Baukindergeldes are planned. In addition, the solidarity surcharge should be abolished .

CDU election program 2017: full employment until 2025

Currently around 2.5 million people are unemployed, which corresponds to an unemployment rate of 5.5 percent. In eight years, the Union wants to halve this, which would mean a full employment in Germany . In the face of demographic change, this is important for social security systems. To this end, younger long-term unemployed people should be better integrated into the labor market and women should be supported more in their working lives. In addition, the CDU and CSU are planning to introduce a skilled labor immigration law in the next legislative period .

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More money for families: child benefit, child allowance and building allowance

The promotion of families takes a central point in the CDU / CSU election program. On the one hand, it is planned to raise the child allowance to the level of the basic allowance for adults . On the other hand, the child benefit should rise by 25 euros in the first step . Families, who build a property, also have the prospect of a so-called Baukindergeld in the amount of 1,200 euros per year for a maximum of ten years. Anyone who buys a house or an apartment for the first time should also be pleased about the one-time abolition of the land transfer tax .

But the Federal Chancellor also has good news for tenants. The election program involves the construction of 1.5 million dwellings over the next four years, particularly in metropolitan areas. This should relieve the housing market and slow down the rise in rents.

Union: solidarity surcharge should go away – but not immediately complete

It was already clear in advance that the Union would like to abolish the solidarity surcharge. Chancellor Merkel has now called more precise numbers. In the long term, the solos should completely disappear. In the next legislative period, however, a reduction of four billion euros is planned . Merkel explains that it is not possible to predict the economic situation of the coming years and decades. Therefore, with a budget of € 18 billion, the Union can not plan beyond the next legislative period and therefore limits itself to the next four years.

Electoral program of the CDU and CSU: Nothing new in the pension

In contrast to the SPD, the Union does not plan any changes to the pension concept in its election program. This is viable and generation-appropriate, so Merkel. However, in the next legislative period, a pension commission will check whether the previous regulations, such as the level of pensions until 2030, are appropriate. If necessary, then you can possibly make changes in terms of occupational and private pension plans.

Who benefits from the CDU election program 2017?

The election program of the CDU and CSU promises, among other things, considerable relief for families . Increased child benefits, support for home ownership and a larger child allowance would benefit millions in Germany. The reduction of the solidarity surcharge should also lead to more money for employees.

In addition, the Union is planning further tax breaks for low and middle income . The top tax rate should therefore only reach for singles with an income of 60,000 euros and not already at 54,000 euros. At the same time, the wealth tax of 45 percent is already due from 232,000 euros and not at 250,731 euros. The SPD election program provides for similar changes. The Social Democrats, however, go even further in their taxation concept. For example, she wants to raise the wealth tax to 48 percent .