Airport: the loan department at nothing to prevent the takeover CASIL Europe

Georges Meric was firm on its intentions regarding the airport of Toulouse-Blagnac in his greeting to the press 2018. (Credits: Pierrick Merlet) On the occasion of his vows to the press, George Meric, president of the Haute-Garonne, reiterated its position on the Toulouse airport folder. He is ready to acquire the state shares with the support of other local shareholders so that infrastructure keeps a public majority shareholding. The elected official has also expressed its willingness to reach an agreement with Toulouse Métropole on road investments, after criticism of Jean-Luc Moudenc.

The Chairman of the Department of Haute-Garonne, George Meric, has always kept the same position on the subject: the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport should keep a public majority shareholding. Only a deadline could change that soon.

As of April 18, the State will have six months (renewable once, ed) to decide if it implements the option to sell to Europe CASIL it’s 10.01% of the remaining shares. With 60%, the consortium of Chinese shareholders would then become a majority on the airport capital that wants to avoid at all costs the local shareholders (ICC Region, Metropolis) currently holding the remaining 40%.

“The state may sell the shares for a year. It may propose to the Chinese on the basis of a previous agreement. But there are not that previous agreements, there is also political strength and popular force which are perhaps the state will not sell its shares over that period. After this deadline, everything is open … We can create a balance of power that asks the state to be careful on this auction. I think a large part of the population does not want this airport to be privatized to 60% “, wanted to warn George Meric in his greetings to the press Wednesday, January 17.

Thus, the elected county counts on the support of all communities, but especially on the support of the High Garonne to prevent possible CASIL Europe takeover before April 2019. After this date, the Department is considering several scenarios.

“There are two possibilities at the end of twelve months, either the state keeps its share and that’s the best, he is desperate to be one seller and is positioned to redeem We talk about 60 million. approximately € 60 million euros worth money too. this is not a financial frenzy, instead, it holds up. We have studied well. If the private wills are that it is playable, “concludes the departmental chairman.

Georges Meric meets Jean-Luc Moudenc on road investments in the metropolitan territory

A few days earlier, the President of Toulouse Métropole Jean-Luc Moudenc during his vows to the press Thursday, January 11, criticized the management of which has been in the past 500 kilometers in metropolitan county roads lap past year earlier. Of which about Georges Meric did not fail to respond.

“I want to dismiss the idea that the Department has underestimated the work he had to do in previous years on the road and did not what was needed in our agreement of December 2015. C is totally wrong, this is not the reality of the case. ”

During the transfer of skills, the law required the Department to pay 10 million euros per year in Toulouse Metropole. According to the county institution, it even would pay 12.5 million euros per year. Despite this effort, Georges Meric is ready to negotiate to reach an agreement with Jean-Luc Moudenc on road investment.

“Today, we are able to invest on metropolitan roads although they are more departmental now I take one example: The bridge of Saint-Jory is necessary and is in the territory of. metropolis. But the Department will participate in the investment. the bridge of Gagnac-sure-Garonne it was repaired it was 10 years to do it again, must be closed and to close it, we must first build a bridge of Saint-Jory. If you close the bridge Gagnac while that of Saint-Jory does not exist, northern Toulouse is so congested that you will circulate no more, “said one who is the head of Department for April 2015.

In his greeting to the press, George Meric said he made a proposal of negotiations to find a general agreement on road investment with Toulouse Métropole.