C.Valenciana has paid 2 billion in interest on loans from the Government

València, Jan 31 (EFE) .- The Minister of Finance, Vicent Soler, has assured today that Valencians have had to pay almost 2,000 million euros in interest since 2012, 395 euros for each citizen, for some loans granted by the Government to the autonomous communities “instead of the fair financing that corresponds to them”.

Soler has claimed to the central government “concrete facts and not empty words as before” to tackle once and for all the reform of the regional financing system “expired since January 1, 2014, and that condemns the Valencians to be the worst financed from Spain “, according to a statement from the Generalitat.

“It is outrageous and very difficult to fit someone to come up with another curtain of smoke to look good and to say to the Valencians that we can stand, when they have just failed to fulfill a promise of President Rajoy, who assured that before the end of 2017 there would be new financing agreed, “lamented Soler, referring to the intervention of the Vice President of the Government, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, at the Europa Forum.

In his opinion, the “inaction of the Government” costs every day to the Valencian 3.6 million euros in underfunding compared to the average of the autonomies, “which is what it is worth to build a school and a money with which the Valencian they could enjoy better services and more opportunities. “

He recalled how the Government “delayed for several months the implementation of the Technical Commission for the reform of the model and is now meeting but without progress or specifics.

He has also criticized the “insult to the intelligence of Valencians”

He has also criticized the "insult to the intelligence of Valencians"

that the Government intends to do “when it presents as an additional financing the supposed savings in interest on some government loans that the Government grants to the communities and, particularly, to the Valencian, in place of fair financing that corresponds, because it does not solve the underlying problem “.

“It does not make sense for the government to give us the financing as loans that we will have to repay, and above with interest, while at other communities it gives them money that they do not have to repay and without paying interest, since the central executive, to the bad calls compilers of the ceiling of deficit, that are it because they have more resources, gives the FLA to him to zero interest “, has criticized Soler.

He warned that today the Generalitat has disbursed to the Central Administration 106 million euros in interest for the state loans it receives to cover the underfunding, specifically the FLA 2015 and 2016 and the Social Fund.

Overall, and since 2012, the loans granted by the Government to replace the financing that other communities receive have meant that Valencians have had to pay a total of 1,951.1 million in interest since 2012, taking into account In addition, they are loans that must be repaid “.

Of the total, 1,633.3 million interests correspond to the liquidity mechanisms -FLA, Payment Plan to Suppliers and Social Fund- and another 317.8 are for the ICO-CC AA lines in 2012.

In addition, until the end of the period of these loans from the State, the Community will have to pay a total of 3,223.2 million euros, “which is, for example, three times the budget of Equality and Inclusive Policies”.

“The situation of the Valencian Community is a triple scam

not only is there no forgiveness, but we are being given loans instead of financing, some credits that we will have to pay back when other communities receive that money by right and they should not return it; and to top it off, we have to pay interest, with a rate of 0.83%, which is what it costs the Treasury, “he said- click here.

According to Soler, “we would not have to pay neither principal nor interest if we had the same resources as the average.” The government does not solve the underlying problem, the underfunding of all the autonomies, which leads to some, such as the Valencian, being living off loans, and they cost us interest. “

The almost 2,000 million in financing costs paid to date means that each Valencian has had to “pay” 395 euros so that each average family of four members has assumed 1,580 euros.

He recalled that the report of experts at the national level made public in July last figure in 16,000 million euros the insufficient resources suffered by the communities in the last year liquidated, which was 2015.